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Finding Seller Finance Deals in REIPro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Seller financing is a game-changing strategy for real estate investors, offering an alternative to traditional bank loans. But how do you find these opportunities? Enter REIPro - a comprehensive real estate investment software designed to help you discover, analyze, and secure promising real estate deals. Today, we'll guide you on how to use REIPro to locate lucrative seller finance deals.

What is Seller Financing?

Seller financing, or owner financing, occurs when the property owner facilitates the financing of a deal instead of a traditional bank or financial institution. This strategy can be particularly beneficial for investors who may not qualify for conventional loans.

Harnessing the Power of REIPro to Find Seller Finance Deals

REIPro offers a suite of features designed to support every step of your real estate journey. From property search to deal analysis, it's a one-stop shop for investors. Here's how you can leverage it to find seller finance deals:

Step 1: Start Your Lead Search with LEADPro (REIPro’s Lead Generation Platform)

Start by entering your desired location of investment. Next, click the ‘Search By Strategy’ button and select Seller Financing. Click Search to see your results. REIPro has pre-built filter options already selected.

Step 2: Utilize Advanced Search

When searching for seller finance opportunities, REIPro's advanced search feature allows you to easily filter parameters and narrow down your list beyond the default parameters.

Step 3: Initiate Contact with Direct Mail Campaigns

After identifying potential seller finance deals, REIPro's direct mail function allows you to reach out to sellers. The platform offers customizable templates for letters and postcards, simplifying the process of making initial contact with property owners.

Step 4: Implement Follow-Up System

REIPro’s built-in follow-up system ensures you never miss an opportunity by keeping potential deals and ongoing conversations with sellers organized.


Seller financing can open new avenues for your real estate investment business, and REIPro provides the tools to streamline your search and analysis process. As with any investment, remember that due diligence is vital – use the information available to make informed decisions.

Happy investing in your real estate journey with REIPro!


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