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Building a Network of Bird Dogs for Wholesaling Success in Real Estate

Wholesaling real estate involves the art of finding great deals and connecting them with willing investors for a profit. A critical element of this strategy is the use of "bird dogs" – individuals who scout for potential investment deals. Effective bird dogs can become your eyes and ears in the market, but how do you find and nurture a network of these valuable assets? This blog post will guide you through the process.


Understanding the Role of Bird Dogs


Before diving into recruitment, it's essential to grasp what a bird dog does. These individuals search for properties that are ripe for investment, usually under market value or with motivated sellers. They pass this information to wholesalers in exchange for a finder’s fee if the deal goes through. They're often not involved in the actual transaction, saving time for wholesalers, who can then focus on negotiations and closing deals.


Identifying Potential Bird Dogs for Wholesaling Real Estate


Bird dogs can come from various backgrounds, but they all share an enthusiasm for real estate and an eye for opportunity. Here's where you might find them:


  • New Real Estate Investors: Newbies eager to learn the ropes might start as bird dogs to gain experience.

  • Real Estate Professionals: Agents, brokers, or those in related fields may seek extra income through bird-dogging.

  • Public Servants: Postal workers, delivery drivers, and others who navigate neighborhoods daily might spot distressed properties.

  • Local Contractors: Individuals who work in construction or property maintenance often know of houses ripe for flipping before they hit the market.


Recruitment Strategies


1. Real Estate Networking Events: Attend local real estate investment meetings, such as those hosted by the National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA), to meet potential bird dogs in person.


2. Social Media Campaigns: Use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to advertise your need for property scouts, targeting real estate groups or forums.


3. Craigslist and Classified Ads: Post ads seeking individuals interested in earning extra money by finding investment properties.


4. Referral Programs: Encourage existing contacts to refer others by offering incentives for successful leads that turn into deals.


Training Your Bird Dogs

Signs of a great wholesale deal for bird dogs

Once you've recruited a team of bird dogs, it's crucial to provide them with the necessary training to ensure they understand:


  • What constitutes a good deal in your eyes.

  • The specific types of properties you're looking for.

  • How to estimate repairs and recognize signs of a distressed seller.

  • Legal and ethical guidelines to follow while scouting.

  • Structuring Incentives.

  • The promise of pay-per-lead or a fixed percentage of the wholesaler's earnings can motivate bird dogs to bring in quality leads. Ensure your payment structure is competitive to retain top scouts.


Maintaining Relationships


Communication is key to keeping your bird dogs active and engaged. Regular check-ins, feedback on their leads, and prompt payments when a lead results in a deal are best practices.


Leveraging Technology


Equip your bird dogs with tools such as apps or CRM software to track leads and streamline the sharing of information with you. REIPro is a great software for all wholesalers.


Legal Considerations


Ensure that the arrangement with your bird dogs complies with local real estate laws. Some regions may require bird dogs to have a real estate license if their role exceeds mere referrals.




Finding and managing a team of bird dogs requires dedication, but the payoff is access to deals you might otherwise miss. By understanding the role, identifying prospects, training them effectively, setting clear incentives, maintaining solid relationships, leveraging technology, and staying within legal bounds, you can build a mighty network of bird dogs to fuel your real estate wholesaling business.


Remember, the key to success in using bird dogs for real estate wholesaling is to treat it as a partnership. Respect and value the contributions of your scouts, and in return, you'll see your business flourish with opportunities.


Are you ready to expand your wholesaling strategy with a network of eagle-eyed bird dogs? Start building those relationships today and watch your deal pipeline grow!


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